Playlist Tuesday 1st November 2022

Tuesday Late Show for Tuesday 1st November 2022 on, produced by Hans Kremers, presented by André van Os.

23:57Focus – Tommy
23:52Hudson-Ford – Revelations
23:49Klaatu – Knee Deep In Love
23:46Crosby, Stills & Nash – Just A Song Before I Go
23:41Cressida – Tomorrow Is a Whole New Day
23:36Styx – A Song For Suzanne
23:30Phafner – Plea From the Soul
23:21Black Bonzo – Where The River Meets The Sea
23:15Nine Stones Close – Falling To Pieces
23:11Climax Blues Band – I Love You
23:05Led Zeppelin – That’s the Way
23:00Sorcery – Suger Sweet Lady
22:55Montrose – We’re Going Home
22:48Introitus – Here and Now
22:43YYNOT – To Come Back Home
22:38Kerry Livgren – Bright Star
22:33Jethro Tull – Locomotive Breath
22:27Bread – Been Too Long on the Road
22:23Wild Horses – Another Lover
22:19Work Of Art – One Step Away
22:08Ace – Gleaming in the Gloom
22:01Intelligent Music Project III – Opening (feat. Joseph Williams)