Playlist Tuesday 5th October 2021

Tuesday Late Show for Tuesday 5th October  2021, 10 pm – midnight on

23:55Frank Zappa – Uncle Remus
23:51Big Red Machine – Phoenix
23:48Patti Smith Group – Because The Night
23:42Ray Wilson – We Knew the Truth Once
23:36Uriah Heep – Circle of Hands
23:32Peak Low – Nothing Nothing Nothing
23:17MarthaGunn – Minute Of My Time
23:12Dean Friedman – Lydia
23:09Blossoms – Care For
23:06THE GOA EXPRESS – Second Time
23:00Rush – The Trees
22:57Du Blonde – All The Way
22:52Jane Weaver – Solarised
22:49Lou Reed – Charley’s Girl
22:46Simon Keats – I’ve Got Life
22:43Somebody’s Child – Stubborn
22:37Collateral – Get Back To You
22:32Mazey Haze – Sad Lonely Groove
22:26Solution – It’s Only Just Begun
22:23Hollows – You’re Fine
22:20The Pretty Ugly – Playing It Safe
22:1710cc – The Things We Do for Love
22:13Urban Theory – Dirty Faces
22:08Mooneye – Big Enough
22:01Earth & Fire – Storm And Thunder