Playlist Tuesday 15th December 2020

Tuesday Late Show for Tuesday 15th December 2020, 10 pm – midnight on

23:57Bob Dylan – False Prophet
23:52Ten Times a Million – Born Tomorrow
23:48Big Something – Afterglow
23:43Waltzburg – Sure Shine
23:38Calidus – What Can I Do
23:34Deep Purple – Nothing at All
23:27E D Brayshaw – Said & Done
23:23Doves – Cycle Of Hurt
23:19Still Corners – The Last Exit
23:15Arlo Parks – Caroline
23:11Samana Rising – Another Day
23:07By Devices – Glad You Called
23:03The Outlaws – Rattlesnake Road
22:58Shaft of Steel – Touching You Every Day
22:53Phantom Blues Band – Don’t Fight It
22:49Tracy McNeil & The Goodlife – Rain Fall Down
22:44MOON HALO – Awoken
22:41Hurricane Fall – Hell of a Ride
22:37The Inhalers – When It Breaks
22:34The Neighbourhood – Lost in Translation
22:28NewDad – Blue
22:25The Smashing Pumpkins – Cyr
22:21Zoe Wren – Welcome Here
22:17Fleet Foxes – Can I Believe You
22:13Robert Cray Band – Anything You Want
22:09Civic Green – City Streets
22:05Thrillhouse – The Tin Man
22:02Candy Opera – Crash